Stable versions

The latest stable version of IronPython is IronPython 2.7.9, which is compatible with Python 2.7.

NuGet Package

IronPython is also available as a NuGet package. The standard library is a spearate package. This is the recomended way to get IronPython if you are embedding it in another program.

    Install-Package IronPython
    Install-Package IronPython.StdLib


IronPython is a cross-platform programming language, so prerequisites will vary based on usage.

Here are the recommended runtimes are for each platform:

Windows desktop & server apps

On Windows for desktop and server usage, the .NET framework is the recommended runtime.


IronPython also runs on .NET Core 2.0 and 2.1.

Mac OS & Linux desktop & server apps

IronPython runs on Mono, a cross platform, open source .NET framework, enables IronPython to be used on Linux, Mac OS, and BSD systems.